Kriya Experiences

Experiences of Kriya Yogis


Kriya is an extraordinarily effective practice. Read accounts from people who practice Kriya and have experienced its life-changing power.


I use Kriya to focus deeply, even on one thought, concept, or dilemma. In this practice I find Kriya wonderful for problem-solving, as it creates a center of peace and calmness in a very busy, disorganized, and demanding world.

— K.W.


Don’t hesitate! Don’t doubt yourself. You are a child of God and worthy in every way to become a kriyaban. Take it a step at a time and know that you have a FORCE backing you up, all the time. All you need to do is ask for help and guidance from Master, as often as you can remember to do so. Then quietly tune in to that guidance, which will flood into your life, turning it from a life of dissatisfaction and sorrow to a heaven of bliss.

— S.S.


Kriya, and this path have given my life purpose and direction. No matter what “storm” is swirling around the boat of life, there’s always a clear light and a calm harbor! Thank you Master, Swamiji, and all the true, dedicated, joyful souls of Ananda. I can’t imagine any better way of life.

— J.B.


Kriya Yoga will subtly but perceptibly pull you upstream towards your highest potential. It will strengthen your willpower and power of concentration, change your perceptions, and banish forever any anger, resentment, fear, doubt, or low self-esteem that may be lurking deep within you. Finally, it will dissolve your ego in a burst of light and bliss; you will then have come home and truly be in tune with the Infinite.

— H.


I have kept a spiritual diary over many years. Several times I have reviewed entries from six or eight years before and been amazed at how my consciousness had changed! Master said Kriya Yoga can change our lives, but here was tangible proof for me!

— J.S.


I was searching all my life for a spiritual path. I tried different meditation techniques. I visited many different churches. The first time I came to Ananda Village I took a yoga workshop. I could see the inner joy of those who worked there. They have what I’m looking for, I thought. I went on to take Kriya. Many of my friends have noticed a change in me. I am still going deeper in my meditations. I truly have found the joy within!

— V.P.


As my Kriya practice deepens, I know in my heart I am on my way to becoming who I want to become and achieving the ultimate goal of Self-realization.

— P.K.


Kriya has been helping me by making me see things in the right perspective. I feel like my feelings are more balanced, my ideas more clearly organized, my devotion has increased and my attachments decreased. I no longer feel the need to eat as often as before, and my words have a stronger effect on other people and events.

— O.P.